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An Olympic Connection and torch dates for Guildford and Brighton

Although indirectly (for me), Olympic fever is definitely reaching out to all of us encouraging physical expression and activity, and in Surrey this is manifesting itself on 23 June at G Live in the Surrey Schools Have Talent! Live Final.

Inspired by the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and as a result of Surrey-wide auditions and thousands of online votes 14 performances from Surrey’s most talented school children have been short-listed to take part in the live final at the G Live venue in Guildford.

One of the schools to successfully win a place at this event is The Vale Primary School, Langley Vale, who will be performing a Billy Elliot-inspired song and dance to Shine, taken from the movie. Jennai Alberts the organiser explains “we felt it linked perfectly to the Olympic ethos, and as the song is all about being yourself and trying your best, we thought this fitted well. The performers are Inigo Alberts, Affrika Alberts, Abbie Kitson, Sophie Cox, Erin Costello, Saffron Waterworth, Ffion Waterworth, Cerys Timothy and Ellie Kibble. All the girls are 8, and Inigo, the only boy, is 10. For our performance all the children will be in red, white and blue.”

The Olympic torch itself will be travelling through Shere and Guildford on 20th July, finishing at a free ticketed celebratory event at Stoke Park in Guildford. Starting at 2pm there will be a stage show with locally based music and other performances including Rizzle Kicks and cauldron lighting from the Olympic flame.

Arriving even sooner than that in Brighton, the torch will enter the city on 16th and 17th July, Day 59 of the Olympic Torch Relay. Having begun its journey on 19 May at Lands End in Cornwall the torch will eventually make it to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games on 27th July.

Before that however on 16th July torchbearers will run through Hove with the Olympic flame to the main Olympic torch Relay evening celebration at Sussex County Cricket Club and will emerge the next day from Brighton Pavilion at 7.20 am to continue its route through Brighton.



Celebrations in Brighton for the Queen's Jubilee

Impossible to avoid, the build up to the Queen's big day has seen a whole host of household objects receiving a very patriotic red white and blue makeover.  £1 paper cups with Union Jacks on them, bath mats, sofas, umbrellas and women's tights have all got involved as well as houses having bunting draped across them and flags flying all over the place - there is no doubt the Queen's Jubilee is imminent.

Union Jack, plastic
Across the land people are preparing to celebrate the Queen's coronation of 1953 in a variety of ways with the most spectacular events of all taking place in the heart of London.  On Sunday a pageant of 1,000 boats will sail up the River Thames in convoy travelling through the heart of the city for the entertainment of millions. Then on Monday after night fall thousands of beacons will be lit across the UK and around the world to create a moving spectacle.

Across Brighton, in tandem with the rest of the country there will also be events to mark the occasion with picnics in parks, bands playing, beacon lighting, beer drinking, face painting and a whole load of flag waving to boot.

Highlighting a few of these free events is the list below with links to websites for more information, however wherever the weekend takes you I hope it is spent having lots of fun.

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