The Hairdressers with the Best Sound in Brighton Town

Just before Christmas I received an email about a Brighton hairdressers that had won a nationwide 'Music Makeover' competition from the people at PRS for Music.

The prize, was £5,000 towards a high-tech sound system with isolation for separate rooms and iPad hubs to enable different music to be played simultaneously.

Invited along by PRS for Music to the launch of the new sound system, I turned up at Simon Webster Hair in the middle of the North Laine area of Brighton to find out more.

Coral from PRS for Music greeted me and explained the reason behind the competition. By raising awareness of the importance of music to local businesses they also hope to increase awareness for PRS for Music and what they do. As a society of songwriters their role is to provide licenses to businesses permitting them to play music on their premises. By doing this, they put money back in the purses of the musicians who write the songs we all listen to and that's something I totally agree with.

Simon Webster Hair is the latest business to benefit from a PRS for Music award, which they won thanks, in part, to the support they provide to the local music scene.

The evening I went along it was clear that on top of their commitment to Brighton's music scene, they've also fostered great team spirit. Two persuasive reasons, I thought, to book myself in for a haircut.

I'd been feeling a little frazzled over the Christmas period and had disastrously decided to colour my hair a shade of mulled wine. It didn't work. I then continued with my mission of self-sabotage by crudely self-cutting a fringe as we were leaving the house on Christmas Eve. My styling shenanigans had failed. It was time to call in the experts.

My next plan was for this blog post to showcase my before and after shots but this plan too slightly failed.

So, with my intro out of the way, here's my experience with Stylist, Hannah at Simon Webster Hair.

Seated on the first floor, Hannah and I first had a look at my hair and decided on a plan of action. Once I'd explained what I needed, with a little help from Hannah the haircut began.

As I sat looking at myself in the mirror, no filter, I wished the trend for hairdresser's without mirrors could become widespread. Apart from that, the mirror itself was pretty impressive, surrounded by an ornate frame painted in a brushed silver and flanked by other enormous mirrors, they covered the length of the room. On another wall pop art complemented the thoroughly modern interior.

Meanwhile, grunge music played in the background from the best speakers, probably, of any salon in Brighton. My platinum-blonde Gwen Stefani-esque hairdresser began snipping and shaping my bushy barnet with the aim of turning my mane into a sleek new do.

An hour later I emerged with my perfectly coiffured bonce and having received a great deal of care and attention from the Simon Webster Hair team, I was ready to face the New Year.

My hair cut cost £45 plus tip. With thanks to Simon Webster Hair for the complimentary conditioning treatment.

Simon Webster Hair, 16 Gardner Street, Brighton

If you've had any hairdressing experiences in Brighton that you want to share, please leave a comment below.

Wishing you all uninterrupted Good Hair Days

Sarah xx

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