Making Hen plans

There are definitely people who like to plan, itineraries are the thing and no event would go on without one. There are others who consider spontaneity and fun to go hand in hand and have as a result under-developed organising skills. There are however times when a bit of forward planning even for the most unstructured bridesmaid is a must. A Hen weekend is one such occasion. So I went online, asked the other hens and picked up some ideas for making the Hen weekend really special.

• Decide in advance when and where you are going to eat and double check you are booked in a few days before just to make sure there is no confusion on the weekend.

• Create an itinerary and give all the hens a copy, that way everyone knows what is happening and when, put a mobile number on it just in case it’s needed as well.

Hen itinerary
• Plan some Hen games, Mr and Mrs has become quite a staple, so here are some suggested questions to adapt accordingly: